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alpha squad : world of warships Halloween Mode

alpha squad

Dit Hallow's Eve, genieten van een speciale game-modus, dat is zeker griezelig te zijn! Deze nieuwe game mode is PvE, waarin je moet een groot transportschip begeleiden door een bos van obstakels, ontwijken en het nemen van vijandelijke schepen die gericht zijn op u en uw kostbare lading te vernietigen. Je hebt ook om je weg te vinden langs Forten - de enige veilige manier langs hen is om ze eruit te halen! Oh, hebben we al gezegd de golven van vijanden zullen schepen met zombies aan het roer? Er zullen geen slijpen betrokken, omdat deze modus is toegankelijk voor iedereen, van de get-go, en er zal een aantal speciale schepen die verschillende spelenStyles zijn dus alles wat je Captains kunt plezier te hebben.


Tijdens het geheel van deze modus, zullen er 3 quests te voltooien (dat kan een keer per gevecht worden gedaan): Voor het verdienen van 10.000 schade, wordt u beloond 30.000 Credits voor het verdienen van 100.000 schade, wordt u beloond met 100.000 Credits voor het verslaan van 2 Zikasas , wordt u beloond met 70.000 CreditsThere is ook een beloning van 100 Free XP voor elke hoofd- en secundaire taak die u voltooid. U vindt meer informatie over deze in het venster evenement of tijdens een laadscherm! Voor het invullen van elke quest, zul je de Halloween 2016 camouflage ontvangen. Het geeft je een extra 100% XP per strijd. Check it out hieronder:

Posted by pd35 on Fri Oct 28, 2016 11:38 am
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alpha squad : world of warships

alpha squad

The update happens October 19; preparation begins at 03:00 PT/ 06:00 ET until 05:00 PT/ 08:00 ET.

Upcoming Changes 

Containers | British Cruisers | Maps | Game Balance | Interface Changes


Daily missions have been replaced by the more interactive Containers, which deliver rewards in an entirely new way. You can get three Containers each day, which "contain" Credits, rare Premium ships and more goodies. Containers drop when a player earns a certain amount of XP in battle.

This feature will be available starting at Level 4

At the end of each 24-hour period, the accumulated (not distributed) XP is automatically spent on containers. After the release of Update  0.5.13, each player who has registered before Update 0.5.13 regardless of their level will receive five Containers (one of every type) as a gift. (Those who registered after Update 0.5.13 won't receive these Containers.) This will help all you immediately see the advantages of this new system. In contrast to standard Containers, these Containers will include predetermined rewards:

  1. Container with Credits

    • 50,000 Credits

    • 3x Smoke Generator II consumables

    • 3x Hotel Yankee" Signal Flags

  2. Container with Signal Flags

    • 5x "Sierra Mike" Signal Flags

    • 5x "November Foxtrot" Signal Flags

    • 500 Free XP

  3. "Try Your Luck" Container

    • 5x "Ocean Soul" camouflage

  4. Supercontainer

    • 250 Damage Control Party II consumables

  5. Container with consumables

    • Three Damage Control Party II consumables

    • Three Defensive AA Fire II consumables

    • Three Engine Boost II consumables

These predetermined rewards will be included only in the "starter gift" Containers. All successive rewards will be provided at random according to their description.







Posted by pd35 on Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:22 am
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alpha squad : World of Warships

alpha squad

Release Notes 0.5.12 Improved In-game Economics Team Play In order to make the calculation of XP and Credits earned in battle fairer, the following factors are now taken into account: Enemy ships and squadrons spotted. Damage caused by allies to enemies spotted by you. Potential damage dealt/received.

The overall logic behind granting Credits and XP per battle was reworked to include the above changes. Consequently, if a player carries out useful actions (causing damage, fighting for control of key areas, supporting allies etc.), their average rewards will not change compared to Update 0.5.11. However, players whose behaviour is mostly "one-dimensional" (for example, battleship players that stay away from the heat of battle and try to only cause damage to the enemy rather than lead the attack, or destroyer players that focus on capturing key areas but do not perform any reconnaissance) will be less generously rewarded.

The changes above have been designed based on the analysis of data received throughout updates 0.5.9 and 0.5.10 and should have a positive impact on the in-game economy, making the rewards fairer, especially for players who are supporting their team a lot.

We have also implemented a new system for calculating the cost of a match per battle. The main chunk of this expense was the cost of repairing the player’s ships, and this value would excessively increase with each Tier. Due to this, we noticed that in the higher Tiers, and especially at Tier X, that players were overly cautious, which negatively affected the gameplay – even if a player performed well, the sinking of their ship would lead to a large repair bill, often times negating any profit earned from the battle. To rectify the situation, we have decided to make the following changes:

The ship-repair fee has been completely replaced with a fixed service charge, meaning the cost will not be dependent on how much damage the player's ship received in battle. We have also reduced the cost of replenishing ammunition and aircraft for a number of vessels, and the higher the Tier, the greater the reduction. By reducing these costs, we aim to encourage players to be more aggressive and take appropriate risks, ensuring that they are properly rewarded – for example, the change will reduce the average post-battle costs of a Tier X ship by 50,000 credits, and will reduce the chance of losing credits when in possession of a Premium Account. In making these changes, we want players to concentrate on the gameplay and on having fun, not on playing certain ways in order to balance the books.


Aircraft Carriers The economy model for aircraft carriers was extensively reworked: Fixed the error where some lost aircraft were not taken into account when calculating the cost of lost aircraft. The cost of ship repairs for aircraft carriers was decreased for all Tiers (the higher the Tier, the greater the decrease). The reward structure was modified in favour of destroying enemy aircraft. Now, the rewards for causing damage to enemy ships and air superiority combat will be better balanced in terms of the in-game economy. Passive Behaviour in Battles In previous versions of the game, players who left the battle before their ships were destroyed received a penalty in the form of no reward after the battle ended. From now on, to prevent passive behaviour in-game, the same penalty will be applied to players who are inactive after they have joined the battle.

The following passive behaviour criteria is used:

The player did not cause any damage and never launched any air squadrons (for aircraft carriers). The ship never moved and the player did not cause any damage (for other ship types). Game Balance and Changes to Ships The firing range of Soviet Destroyer Khabarovsk has been decreased by 1,800 m (from 13,040 m to 11,240 m). The reload time of the 130 mm/55 B-2-U guns mounted on Soviet Destroyers Khabarovsk and Udaloi have been increased by 0.38 seconds (from 4.62 s to 5 s).

The battle performance of these ships and their average damage was excessively high when compared to their counterparts. The applied changes should make them more balanced.

Regular Tier VIII-X cruisers and destroyers are now able to set Steering Gears Modification 3 in their sixth slot (-40% to rudder shift time, and -80% to the steering gear's repair time).

This change is aimed at increasing the survivability of high Tier cruisers and destroyers, and is intended to motivate players to act more aggressively in battle. Also, the effect of this upgrade will be combined with the effect of Steering Gears Modification 2 (-20% to rudder shift time).

The armoured deck thickness of Montana has been adjusted. Now, its armoured deck will be 38 mm thick (previously 28 mm).

This change will slightly increase the ship's survivability and make its in-game model closer to the data on its design.

The firing range of Orlan’s main guns has been increased by 800 m (from 7,990 m to 8,790 m).

This change will adjust its battle performance against its counterparts.

The thickness of the armoured deck slopes in the vicinity of the magazines located on the bow of Nagato's hulls (B) and (C) was corrected (from 76 mm to 289 mm) in accordance with its historical armour layout. Two 20 mm Flakvierling 30 AA mounts were added to Gneisenau (A). As a result of this addition, the average AA damage within its 2 km AA engagement area radius has increased by 12 points (from 89 to 101 points). The thickness of the upper part of the transverse armour protection of the citadel of Arizona was corrected (from 203 mm to 330 mm) in accordance with its historical armour layout.

The threshold values of the lowered dispersion distance for some German battleships was corrected - i.e. how much the main battery shells disperse is decreased starting from this distance. Consequently, the dispersion of main battery shells at close range can be decreased by adjusting the lowered dispersion distance value. In other words, the higher the value, the better. The actual values of lowered dispersion distance depend on the ship's Tier, and in the case of German battleships we adjusted these values to make them equal to the values used for other battleships:

Nassau: from 4 km to 3 km Kaiser: from 4 km to 3.5 km Friedrich der Große: from 4 km to 5 km Großer Kurfürst: from 4 km to 5 km The following ships have been added to the game client for testing: Japanese destroyers The Tier VI Commonwealth Premium cruiser Perth


Posted by pd35 on Thu Sep 29, 2016 8:57 am
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alpha squad : Doom 2016

alpha squad

Doom bug forcing players to delete saved games

We love the new Doom and we have been playing it non-stop since release but like all things in this digital age, there is one nagging issue that seems to be plaguing the game right now.

Many players have been reporting about a weird Dev Mode bug that puts the game in developer mode which disables achievements and marks your save game file as a "Cheat". More importantly, this also disables access to Network services which means players cannot play Multiplayer or gain access to the SnapMap level editor.

While it's unclear as to what is causing this anomaly (reasons range from corrupt save files to random crashes), the only fix so far has been an unpopular one, players will have to delete their savegame files to put the game back into Normal functional mode. While Bethesda and iD have yet to fix the problem via patch, here's a quick rundown on how players can fix the problem for now.

1) Disable Steam cloud synchronization for DOOM by Right clicking the game in your Steam Library, then navigate to UPDATES and uncheck the Enable Steam Cloud synchronization box at the bottom.

2) Exit Steam

3) Access the Doom Save files (Located in C:Users<User Name>Saved Games)

4) Open the id Software folder, then navigate to DOOM and then base, Now delete the savegame Folder

5) Start Steam and right click on DOOM in your Library, select properties and Navigate to LOCAL FILES, click VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE at the bottom and let it finish.

6) Try playing the Game.

While this is a terrible solution for the problem, this is the only one that works so far.


Posted by pd35 on Thu Aug 18, 2016 8:34 am
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